International Roadcheck – June 2-4, 2019

This year’s CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) International Roadcheck will take place June 4-6, 2019.  Inspectors throughout North America will conduct inspections on vehicles and drivers with a focus on steering and suspension systems.  Although a truck’s steering and suspension system is routinely part of roadside inspections, the CVSA wants to pay special attention to ensuring properly maintained steering and suspension.


What will inspectors check?

Steering wheel lash (free play)

Steering column and shaft

Front axle beam (including hub)

Steering gear box (rack and pinion, if applicable)

Pitman arm and output shaft

Upper and lower steering arms

Power steering reservoir

Ball and socket joints

Tie rods and drag links

Steering nuts

Axle parts/members

Spring hangers

Leaf spring assembly

Coil/rubber spring and air suspension

Composite springs

Torsion bar suspension

Suspension connecting rods and bushings

Tracking components

Sway bar components

Adjustable axles (locking pins, body rails, slider guides)


If you are feeling more bumps and shakes as you drive, if your vehicle is swaying and bouncing at low speeds, or if your vehicle pulls to the side or knocks/squeals during turns, there may be an issue with your suspension.  Your suspension should support the weight of your vehicle and keep it fairly level during most situations.  Steering and suspension systems play a huge role in how well a vehicle operates and how safe it is to drive.  If you suspect an issue, get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible before it becomes a safety issue for you and/or an expensive repair.

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